Sign on to FIT Coalition’s proposal to CAISO

The Feed In Tariff Coalition has met several times with the board of the California ISO to try and improve proposals before the CAISO board regarding small, distributed power generators.  The changes proposed by CAISO would have eliminated the Small Generator Interconnection Procedure thereby substantially slowing adoption of renewable energy and discourage investment smaller market segments (20MW and smaller projects).  Through the efforts of the FIT Coalition, the CAISO board is responding positively to suggestions for improving the SGIP rather than discarding it.

 Please take a few minutes and lend your name and support to this effort by going to: and follow the instructions at the bottom.

 Feed In Tariffs are among the most effective means of stimulating investment  in solar energy and have been used globally to promote adoption and deployment of solar technology.  The FIT Coalition is the leading organization supporting the adoption of Feed in Tariffs and renewable energy best practices.