Dept of Energy votes for Electricity for Clean Transportation

This is a post from Neal Neal Roche CEO of Gridtest Systems and the leader of the GreenLAVA’s transportation sector.

Investors who are looking to pick winners in the Clean transportation market have a broad selection of technologies to chose from. Alternate fuels such as Bio Diesel, Ethanol and natural gas have garnered significant investment in recent years. There are now about 8 million Flex fuel vehicles in operation in the US.
However if you look at the 2012 Dept of Energy budget submitted to Congress, the DoE is requesting a large increase in funds for Vehicle Technologies and most of those funds are focused on vehicle electrification and batteries not on the other alternate fuels and vehicles. Pike Research provides an analysis here.

This means more investments in Electric Vehicle infrastructure through programs like ‘Clean Cities’ which will benefit Los Angeles.

My personal view is that the transportation market is large enough for multiple winners in alternate fuels and fuel efficiency technologies. Consumers will buy into fuel efficiency at the right price. Cars and trucks will come with Stop/Start technologies; more hybrid and flex fuel vehicles will blur the difference between regular and green vehicles.
Plug-in Electric Vehicles will get a boost from all these government programs and incentives; however it’s consumers as always who will decide if we hit the 1 million electric vehicles goal by 2015.