Cleantech Open Announces Semifinalists

This is the list of Cleantech Open Semifinalists for California.  There are more details about the teams at the Cleantech Open website.  The list demonstrates a wide variety and range of companies that are actively pursuing business models predicated on the momentum generated by green/clean tech, sustainability and environmentally conscious living and commerce.  The Cleantech Open is always in need of additional mentors (generalist or specialists) or business clinicians. So if you have the time, expertise and interest, go to the web site and sign up.

Air, Water & Waste
BioMine – Mining high value metals and rare earth elements from electronic wastes
Errcive, Inc. – Diesel Exhaust Mitigation Systems
Fresh Picked – Sustainable Premium Produce
Kiverde – Recycling Carbon to Fuel the World
LifeSea – CleanTech Marine Biotechnology Company
mOasis, inc – Water storage gel substance technology
Naturell – bio-catalytic solutions
Pulp Friction, Inc.-
SoilSmart – on-demand soil information
The Green Garmento – reusable dry cleaning garment bag
Utilities Independence Solutions – Re-engineering America’s Infrastructure

Energy Efficiency
CalSolAgua – low-cost solar water heating
Coolite – LED Retrofit kit for Commercial and Industrial lighting
Dhaani Systems – Energy Efficiency Application for IT
EcoPros – Delivering professional sustainability tools to the public
ERE Energy – Specialized in waste air energy regeneration
Go Green Solutions – LED Lighting – Sustainability Simplified
Lightrite Company – Lightrite’s money saving LEDs will lower your electric bill by up to 13%, and protect the environment from mercury ridden fluroescent lamps
Load IQ – Itemized Energy Bills
NuLEDs – Simplified LED Solutions
The Garner Group, LLC – Solar panel refrigeration
Thor Charger Company – Charging batteries 50X faster
Transparia – Last mile sustainability reporting
Verdigris Technologies, Inc – Cloudbased Machine Learning meets Home-Energy Automation

Green Building
Amberix – Software Tool for Design, control and optimization of HVACs in Commercial Building
Clausius Technologies – On-site load-shifting energy-saving HVAC SmartController
Eliosolar – Innovative ELIOSOLAR Hybrid Shades combine architectural design and solar energy capture, saving both cooling and heating energy when installed on buildings
EnFocus Engineering – Sunlight Harvesting – a Carbon Diet for Buildings
precigeo – an SAS based virtual layout capability for solar installers, allowing the installer to interactively layout virtual modules on a virtual roof and get feedback on both shading and energy output
SunPlanter – Clean Energy Builders

Renewable Energy
5th Generation Energy, Inc. – Commercial and Utility-Scale Bulk Energy Storage
b2u Solar – Delivering BTUs from the Sun
California Energy & Power – Durable, Adaptable, Expandable Distributed Wind Power
Helios Energy Manangement – Residential Solar and Home Energy Management
LuCal Chemicals – Renewable fuels and chemicals
Open Neighborhoods – Free Wi-Fi and community solar for neighborhood communities
SolarTankWorks – Developer of storage tanks for solar thermal systems
Solera – Small solar thermal with storage
Sustainable Electric – Reliable PV Diesel Abatement for Telecom Towers
Thundercloud – We will bring clean water and energy to a billion people

Smart Grid
Agudo Networks – Long Range RF transceivers for M2M communications
ECO Catalytics – Fuel Cell Catalysts with 95% less platinum
Grid REVolution – Making V2G real
Growing Energy Labs, Inc. – Networking Energy Storage
Hyphase Energy – affordable, high performance fuel cells to the world
PowerPatent – The Patented Way to Power Technology
Smart Grid Billing – Intelligent Demand Response and Demand Aggregation

CarStations – Find Your Charge
Electric Takeoff – Clean Silent Aviation
Gridtest Systems – EV Infrastructure Test Equipment
JustShareIt – Peer-to-Peer Vehicle Sharing Community
Santa Monica Electric Vehicles – Electric Vehicles – Scalable Proprietary Electric Drives
Sylvatex Biofuels – smart – sustainable – biofuel
TEAM L TUG – Local Clean Energy Solutions for Commercial Industries
Transboard Motorsports – Smart, Green, and Extreme Urban Transporter
Zero – E / Blue Dolphin Design and Engineering Inc. – Retrofittable Diesel Engine Injection Technology and Monitoring which helps Eliminate Undesirable Emissions

Cleantech Open Announces Semifinalists for 2011 Business Competion