Google sees the future of clean energy, the philanthropic branch of the googleplex, has released an interesting report that models various scenarios about future energy production and utilization in terms of economic impacts.  The report relies on an assessment tool created by McKinsey & Company to create economic outlooks based on assumptions about rates of technology commercialization and policy choices. 

Our need for energy must be balanced against the often competing interests of the economy, environment, and national security. Clean, sustainable, safe, and secure sources of energy are needed to avoid long-term harm from geopolitical risks and global climate change. Unless fully cost-competitive with fossil fuels, the adoption of clean technologies will either be limited or driven by policy. Innovation in clean energy technology is thus needed to reduce costs and maximize adoption. But how far can energy innovation go towards meeting economic, environmental, and security needs? This analysis attempts to estimate the potential impact clean energy innovation could have on the US economy and energy landscape.

Download the full report here:  Impact of Clean Energy – Google – 2011