Cali Firms & Unis score DOE SunShot Grants

The DOE SunShot Program seeks to enhance development and deployment of solar technologies (PV) and funded companies, organizations and research universities with $145M. The organizations that scored investment from the SunShot Program included a number of California recipients.  Included in the list were these local firms and universities.  The complete list is available here from Illinois Solar.

University of California, Los Angeles     $1,500,000    Next Generation PV II
Project will identify and develop a new high-efficiency material system for solar cells via experimental analysis supported by modeling.

Amonix, Seal Beach     $4,474,000    Extreme Balance of Systems, Hardware Cost Reductions
New dual axis tracking system specifically for concentrating PV systems

California Institute of Technology, Pasadena     $750,000    Next Generation PV II
Project will develop low-cost wire-array solar cell.  Layers of high-efficiency semi-conductors will be used to form double and triple junction PV devices.

University of California, Irvine     $1,422,130    Next Generation PV II
Project will develop 10% efficient solar cells from non-toxic , inexpensive, iron pyrite (fools gold) which offers pathway to 20% efficient PV module efficiency.

In total California organizations scored $36M of the $145M that was awarded.  SunShot is trying to stimulate the production and commercialization of $1/watt solar equipment that will produce energy equivalent to $0.06 per kWh.  The bulk of the funding went to projects aimed at reducing costs or advanced cell efficiency.