Global CO2 Emissions Growing Rapidly

It is a bit disconcerting that with all of the efforts to curtail CO2 emissions that the growth rate of CO2

emissions globally continues and is growing rapidly.  While CO2 emissions are about where they were in 1990 among the larger industrial nations (OECD countries)  it is total tons of CO2 emitted in the developing world – particularly China and India – that is increasing dramatically man’s contribution to green house gases.  And most of this increase came  coincidental with China’s admittance to the World Trade Organization that spurred rapid industrialization.


So when we begin to look at ways of reducing CO2 emissions the world really ought to focus on two areas – China and India.  And these countries should be using their rapidly growing wealth to actively curtail the escalation of emissions from their economic activities.  Any argument to the contrary is patent nonsense.  Global emissions of CO2 should be a global concern – not just of the OECD countries within which rates of CO2 emissions are collectively at 1990 levels though their economies have increased substantially in that period.  And particularly for the emerging economies who want to be treated as peers by the developed nations.  To get the respect they desire, they need to exhibit leadership in some global affairs.  There could be no better leadership role than growing their economies rapidly while controlling emissions that have global consequences.

The PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency and Joint Research Council of the European Commission have issued their 2011 Long-term trends in Global CO2 Emissions.  A must read that is both disconcerting and dispiriting.  Sad, really, that countries that will lead the world economically imitate the developed world’s trait of behaving selfishly.