Organic Farming rapidly growing

While employment in organic farming  is a small fraction of the 900,000+ farmers in the US, it is the fastest growing segment.  Much like other green sectors that report rapid growth, it is in part because it is starting from such a small base.  Nevertheless, the projected growth of organic farmers from 14,000 to 42,000 within the next couple of years is a welcome development. 

Organic farming is one of those 3P enterprises.  People, planet and profits figure prominently in the calculus for farmers to go organic.  In addition, the production of high quality food, sustainable practices and improvement in methods can lead to the better use of all our agricultural enterprises. 

The Organic Farming for Health & Prosperity Report is a review of the American scientific literature concerning organic farming in the United States, designed to examine the many benefits of American organic agriculture and identify the key ways in which agriculture policy could best be supportive of organic farmers.

Here is the the Executive Summary of the report:  Organic Farming for Health and Prosperity for your consideration and reading pleasure.