Leaf outsells Volt for 6th Straight Month

Auto sales for September were released last weekend and Leaf continues to outsell the Chevy Volt but the margin between brands is shrinking.  While not up to the high sales figures of June 2011, the Leaf  as this post from autobloggreen reports:  Nissan Leaf still beats Chevy Volt

Nissan says it sold 1,031 Leafs in the U.S. in September 2011. That’s a minor improvement over the 931 Leafs sold in July, but the Japanese automaker’s 1,708 electric hatchbacks sold in June still stands as the high-water mark, with the 1,362 Leafs sold in August coming in second. Overall, 2011 sales of the Leaf now stand at 7,199 units in the U.S., compared to 3,895 units for the Chevy Volt. Your eyes haven’t deceived you: Year-to-date Leaf sales still stand at nearly double the Volt’s sold-in-2011 mark.

In other news Ford sold 1,814* F-Series Pick-ups yesterday.

  • Estimate based on September 2011 F-Series Sales – 54,410/30 days