Certainly there are larger contributors to AGW but none more worthy of annihilation than this daily time waster.  Still haven’t figured out why we’ve not incorporated some type of sender authentication that would pretty much dry up this source of annoyance.  The spam-global warming graphic was found on coolinfographics.com and displays the carbon footprint of spam.

The are dozens of sites that publish infographics.  As one might expect, with the widespread adoption of this particular type of art:  some are good, some OK but most are fair or poor.  Here are some other examples of global warming infographics for comparison:

Solving Global Warming

Global Warming Infographic

Where is Global Warming Going


 Infographics are becoming an increasingly popular means of presenting data visually.    The graphic media for displaying data was not pioneered by Edward Tufte,  but his ground breaking self-published book – The Visual Display of quantitative Information is a modern classic explaining the creation and appeal of this information tool.  Highly recommended text.