Anderson Environmental Research Colony

Many of us are observing and/or participating in the development of green businesses.  We are involved in large part because we anticipate that sustainable development, renewable energy and clean technology will make our lives better, make the planet better and do so at an acceptable ROI.  We have all bought off on the idea that we can improve the way we live or work or relax through reducing waste, recycling or using renewable sources of energy.  And we also accept that some of these methods may be slightly more expensive, require some additional effort or involve some minor inconvenience.  Most of us make those trade-offs agreeably and readily. 

But what if it wasn’t slightly more expensive but cheaper to leave the place cleaner and in better condition than when we arrived.  What if it didn’t involve any additional effort, rather it required less effort and intensity to live the modern life elegantly and more fully.  And what if it was not inconvenient, but was easier, more fulfilling and better for individuals, the family, businesses and the community. 

In part we have to make the trade-offs because it is the right thing to do and because so far our efforts at realizing the 3 Ps – people, planet & profit – are incremental, piecemeal and one-offs actions.  There is no facilitation mechanism or system approach where the benefits of green initiatives compound and become greater than the components. 

We have a long way to go before we get to people living in a sustainable manner routinely rather than as an accommodation.  One of Green LAVA’s members is actively doing something to make living sustainably routine.  Kenny Anderson isn’t just planning on making this happen.  He is making it happen with the introduction of the Anderson Environmental Research Colony:

AERC LLC is a Development and Management Company created to prove the validity of Green and Renewable Products in Real World  Scenarios. Pictures on this website show the future home of AERC LLC.   The Sustainable Green Community will be home to dozens of full time residents and a 70 room Green hotel.

In addition to proving the Technical and Economic viability of concepts and products produced by our sister company AGES Inc.; AERC LLC will also help other companies test their green products.   AERC LLC believes in Cooperative Capitalism and will always seek to help up and coming Green companies.

An integrated, holistic approach to sustainable living and community development are initiatives that provide opportunities to learn, to get involved and to provide evidence people, organizations and businesses need to be convinced of green technology’s availability, merits and viability.  Most of us believe that we can improve our condition through comprehensive use of green technologies and sustainable practices.  But our intuition is no substitute for demonstrating that living in this manner can reduce expense, improve our lives, build stronger communities, create value and leave the planet in better shape than when we arrived.   Kenny Anderson is making it happen.