Promoting Economic Prosperity by Advancing Energy Efficiency

The American Council for Energy-Efficiency Economy (ACEEE) has released its latest report and proposal for advancing the economy through the efficient use of our existing energy resources.  The ACEEE research indicates that while GDP has tripled in the last 40 years, three-quarters of the energy demand has been satisfied by advances in energy efficiency.  From the abstract posted at the ACEEE site:

Going forward, the current economic recovery, and our future economic prosperity, will depend much more on energy-efficient behaviors and investments than we’ve seen in the last 40 years. In this report we outline three scenarios under which the U.S. could either continue along its current path, or by which we might encourage a greater level of productive investments in energy efficiency so that by the year 2050, we can reduce overall energy consumption by 40 to 60 percent. The savings would benefit all parts of the economy including the residential, commercial, industrial, and transportation sectors. These savings come from many current and advanced technologies but also from improved optimization of building, transportation, industrial, and electric power systems as existing systems are renovated or replaced. Critically, a pattern of productive efficiency investments would drive a net gain of almost two million jobs even as consumers save an average of $400 billion per year (the equivalent of about $2,600 per household).

 The whole report is a worthwhile read that does a thorough job of describing where we are with regards to energy-efficient technology, where we will be just continuing on our current path and where we could be if we made the hard investment decisions to fully incorporate energy-efficient technology and behavior into our daily lives. 

Access to the report is through the ACEEE site and this link:  The Long-Term Energy Efficiency Potential.  Registration will be required to download the report.  And once registered, you’ll have access to a variety of reports and policy statements that are well researched, well reasoned and consistently positive about the future if we choose a wise course.