Berkeley Earth Surface Temp data released

If you care to play with the data yourself the data sets have been released and there is a tool attached to the BEST team’s website here:  Updated dataset (February 2012).  From 14 surface temperature data sets is available and easily processed.  A brief overview of the data release and some processed data are available on Judith Curry’s Climate, etc.  Authors Steve Mosher and Zeke Hausfather provide a few analyses, explain the data sets (15 million station-months from 40,000+ stations), the transformation (different data sets processed to a common format) and the means to assess them. 

The data set is a composite of different surface temperature datasets, including:

  1. Global Historical Climatology Network – Monthly
  2. Global Historical Climatology Network – Daily
  3. US Historical Climatology Network – Monthly
  4.  World Monthly Surface Station Climatology
  5.  Hadley Centre / Climate Research Unit Data Collection
  6.  US Cooperative Summary of the Month
  7.  US Cooperative Summary of the Day
  8.  US First Order Summary of the Day
  9.  Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research
  10.  GSN Monthly Summaries from NOAA
  11.  Monthly Climatic Data of the World
  12.  GCOS Monthly Summaries from DWD
  13.  World Weather Records (only those published since 1961)
  14.  Colonial Era Weather Archives

Less than 2 degree difference in 200 years looks pretty stable.