Gridtest scores financing from Pasadena and Tech Coast Angels

Gridtest Systems is one of our favorite start-ups around here.  CEO and Co-Founder Neal Roche always seems to be the first to do a lot of things.  He was among the entrepreneurs who helped get Green LAVA moving forward.  He was a successful competitor in last year’s Cleantech Open.  He is among the first start-ups to take up residence in the new Los Angeles CleanTech Incubator downtown. 

Not all that long ago we were having lunch and talking about the prospects for the company and financing needs.  Now just a couple of months later TCA and PA step up and plant a seed round.  Gridtest embodies all the things investors look for – an experienced team with domain knowledge, growing market, product/market fit, traction, defensible positioning, solid engineering and strong go-to market strategy. 

From the press release:

Gridtest Systems’ technology addresses an urgent need along the EV [Electric Vehicle] value chain.

The EVE-100L is the most advanced, independent EVSE [Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment] test instrument available today. It can run automated tests and report on the functional compatibility of electric vehicle charging stations, enabling the R&D labs of the major manufacturers of charging stations and independent test laboratories to quickly verify the correct functioning of charging stations. Until now, EVSE suppliers factored weeks or even months to comprehensively test a new charging station; the EVE 100L product reduces this by a factor of ten, accelerating their time to market.

The whole press release: Gridtest secures investment

Congratulations, Neal and Gridtest Systems.