KOTRA-KEITI Green Hub Korea 2012 – June 4-5

The Korean Trade Promotion Agency, KOTRA, has developed a worldwide network of 111 Korean Business networks in 76 countries.  KEITI, the Korean Environmental Industry and Technology Institute is a public agency established in 2009 to improve domestic quality of life and advancing the national economy.  KOTRA and KEITI are hosting an international conference, Green Hub Korea in Se0ul, that will include 100 foreign and 1000 domestic green tech companies the first week of June.

Green Hub Korea is the largest event (including a forum and 1:1 biz meetings) related to the Green Industry in Korea, organized by KOTRA annually. Institutes, speakers, project developers, buyers, Technology holders in the field of Green Industry who intend to develop Korean partners.  It is the best way to get to know competitive Korean companies in Green business selected by KOTRA.

The brochure is here:  Green Hub Korea 2012

Further details about the event can be found at the KOTRA website.  The local contact is Daniel Im, dhim@kotrala.com
323. 954. 9500 (Ext 139).