Green LAVA event – July 20, 7:00 AM, Century City

Los Angeles launched its cleantech business incubator to accelerate development of cleantech start-ups by offering flexible office space, CEO coaching and mentoring, and access to a growing network of experts and capital. LACI is the business equivalent of baseball’s farm system: it identifies local talent, nurtures it, and helps it get to market, resulting in more jobs and a bigger green economy in Los Angeles.

The next Green LAVA meeting will feature a fresh crop of businesses currently in the incubator program.   Fred Walti, Executive Director of LACI and Ian Harris, Director of Operations and Communications have invited these portfolio companies to come and give us an overview of their products/services and start-up experiences.

Robert Rutherford
CEO, Hive Lighting

Hive Lighting designs, manufactures and sells revolutionary new light fixtures to the Film, TV and Digital production industries.

Hive is the first and only U.S. company using a unique new technology in this market. Hive’s lights are less expensive, brighter, emit better quality light, run cooler, last 30X longer, do not require heavy & expensive support equipment, and are 2X to 8X more energy efficient than current state-of-the-industry fixtures. Each light can save $3,000+ per year and more than $10,000 over the life of the bulb.

Hive’s lights have been rented to many Films, TV Shows and Commercials for production clientele including Sony, Paramount, Viacom, Pepsi, Sprint, and Electronic Arts. Hive is making the entertainment industries cleaner and greener, one bright, beautiful and energy-efficient light at a time.

Yves Lefay
CEO, Eliosolar

eliosolar is a company dedicated to the development of building integrated solar systems. 

eliosolar Hybrid Shades(tm) are the first product coming to market after being certified by SRCC in February 2011, making them eligible for Federal and State Tax incentives. eliosolar Hybrid Shades(tm) are architectural sun control and shade structures (Sunshades, Facade Sun Shields and Canopies) constructed in aluminum that contain an integrated, invisible, solar thermal collector. The solar collectors within the Hybrid Shade Structures are connected to the plumbing system of the building and harness the sun’s energy to generate free solar hot water.

Phil Roberts
CEO, California Lithium Battery

The most advanced and affordable lithium batteries for grid-scale energy storage, transportation, and renewable energy industries. 

California Lithium Battery Inc. is a start-up California company established in 2011 to develop and manufacture the most technologically advanced and affordable lithium battery for grid scale energy storage, transportation, and renewable energy industries. The company is owns exclusive and non-exclusive rights from Argonne National Laboratory for all applications to a newly patented “Game Changing” silicon embedded in graphene process that test indicate will substantially improve the performance of lithium battery anodes by 3X. This new “GEN3” composite battery technology when combined with other advanced battery materials could become a disruptive renewable energy and EV technology by effectively lowering Li-ion battery cost up to 70%. The Company’s goal is to become the leading United States-based developer and manufacturer of advanced, safe, high-performance Very Large Format (VLF) lithium batteries for utility energy storage, EVs, and specialized industrial applications.

Noah Newmark
CEO, 360 Energy

360 Energy has patented technological breakthroughs in electric generator and motor design.

360 Energy motors and generators have unprecedented density of power production and are fully scalable from micro-motors to Hoover Dam-size generators.

The company’s product initially will be introduced through a joint venture in India that will create a fuel-saving diesel GenSet, or on-site generator. The GenSet design generates electricity locally at a price equal to the heavily subsidized power delivered through the grid, making it an extremely competitive alternative for businesses and institutions.

This list represents the diversity of businesses that are benefitting from LACI’s programs and should provide a wonderful opportunity to meet, network and hear directly from some of LA’s Cleantech leaders.  Plan on attending by registering today!  LAVA members attend SIG events for free.  All other guests and attendees – $35.  Pre-registration for all LAVA SIG events is required. Green LAVA events are held in Conference Room A, Level D, Century Plaza Towers, Century City.

Green LAVA is the Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association focused on opportunities and challenges coincident with the design, development and deployment of sustainable products, services and businesses. Green LAVA is generously supported by Marcum, LLP and Stradling, LLP.