Congratulations LACI Alumnus 350Green

The Los Angeles Cleantech Incubator scores another victory with the acquisition of early incubator client 350Green by the CarCharging Group.

“Adding 600 EV charging stations in 20 markets to CarCharging’s network will create the most robust infrastructure network in the nation,” said Mariana Gerzanych, CEO of 350Green. “This partnership will be highly advantageous to the EV charging industry and will contribute significantly to the overall growth of the market.”

About:  350Green

350Green is a project developer that designs, builds and operates scalable networks of plug-in electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across the US. The company distributes its stations by partnering with retail hosts at select, high-traffic shopping centers and other places near where EV drivers live and work, to create an expansive and convenient network of EV charging locations. Current projects totaling several hundred chargers are underway in Chicago, the State of Pennsylvania, and the San Francisco Bay Area. More information on 350Green and its projects can be found at its website,