TransPower in the Drivers Seat with Class 8 EV

The 3rd Annual PortTech EXPO started with a look into the future with a Pitch Competition that featured innovative start-up companies from all over the US.  Wednesday evening, 3 companies stood out for their vision, hard work and ability to impress the judges and audience:  TREXA – a Marina del Rey based innovator of electric mobile security platforms; EnSolve BioSystems from Raleigh, North Carolina with their biofilter appliances for cleaning hydrocarbon effluents; and, Vyykn, a purified drinking water dispenser from Idaho.

Thursday, the highlight of EXPO was the debut of an EV capable of pulling 80,000 lbs of cargo container from pier side to rail yard or over Interstates to their final destination.  PortTechLA client TransPower unveiled two vehicles – a drayage truck and yard tractor powered by batteries.  Following an introduction from CEC Commissioner Carla Peterman, Mike Simon, CEO of TransPower introduced the need for the these vehicles, the team responsible for the design and production of these prototypes and a vision for the future of cargo transportation – clean, quiet, reliable equipment capable of pulling loaded containers.  From Environmental News Service:  Electric Drayage Trucks Unveiled at PortTech Los Angeles

These large Class 8 trucks are port drayage trucks that haul cargo containers to and from seaports. They transport containers relatively short distances, usually between ports and regional warehouses or intermodal facilities, where containers are transferred between trucks and freight trains.

One of the heavy-duty industrial trucks – a Navistar International Pro-Star on-road tractor designed to haul loads up to 80,000 pounds – was originally manufactured with a diesel engine. The truck was retrofitted with all battery-electric drive-trains powered by lithium ion batteries to run as a zero emission vehicle.

Additional news releases:  Detroit Free Press:  Electric cargo truck developers brace for a long haul and KPPC’s take: Maritime Industry, California Energy Commission tout electric trucks at San Pedro Port Tech Expo