PortTechLA welcomes Advanced BioCatalytics to December Forum

While another company boasted “better living through chemistry”, Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation (ABC) is a local industrial biotechnology company that lives the motto.  Their proprietary Protein-Surfactant Synergists™ (P-SS™) based chemistry is utilized in cleaners, oil spill clean up, wastewater treatment, environmental remediation and other applications.

ABC’s biochemical cleaning products are thoroughly tested and proven to:

  • Eliminate oils and greases; petrochemicals and food processing/production;
  • Clean up oil spills more efficiently than other cleaners tested, including leading commercial products;
  • Eliminate odors; for both cleaners and water treatment products;
  • Keep on working after the wiping and mopping is done; and,
  • Pose virtually no harm to humans, animals, ecosystems or the surfaces being cleaned.

Advanced BioCatalytics Corporation was formed in 1996. In its initial years, the Company funded scientific research that resulted in a discovery of previously unrecognized biological effects that became the core of ABC’s major breakthrough technologies. This led to additional breakthroughs in the surfactant synergies technology which became apparent after extensive analyses. The company continues to maintain an active research program in-house and through collaboration with other institutions and organizations.

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