TransPower USA Building Class 8 ZEVs For Ports of LA & Long Beach

TransPower_dualmotor+transmission1111-600x300The Zero Emission Vehicle innovator has received $3.7 M from the California Energy Commission and the Technology Advancement Program administered by the Ports.  The funding will be used to build seven vehicles for delivery in 2014.  Transpower was featured at last year’s PortTech EXPO where they unveiled their first generation ZEV with CEC’s Carla Peterman introducing the company and CEO Mike Simon.

TransPower is to build a fleet of seven battery-electric trucks using its “ElecTruck” drive system, with electric motors powering large tractor-trailer rigs, “relying solely on energy supplied by large battery packs.”

The base vehicle for EDD, the Electric Drayage Demonstration, is the Navistar International ProStar. Total Transportation Services, Inc., will operate EDD trucks and collect data.

Transportation Power, Inc., doing business as TransPower, is a privately-held California company that develops and provides clean power generation and conversion technologies and products.  TransPower has developed a proprietary “ElecTruck™” integrated electric drive system for large trucks, tractors, and buses. TransPower is also developing its “Grid-Saver” fast energy storage system, designed to maximize commonality with TransPower’s electric vehicle products, including lithium battery modules, battery management systems, and energy management technology.  In addition, TransPower is developing drive products using state of the art hybrid-electric propulsion systems.