Green LAVA: Bringing Cleantech to Market – the value of partners

Transient Plasma Technologies   Tuesday, May 20th, 1:00 – 3:30 PM at the Business Technology Center in Altadena, Green LAVA will present founders of 3 innovative clean technology companies to discuss the approaches to and value of strategic partnerships.  Entrepreneurs have a tendency to want to go it alone or operate in stealth mode or refine designs until the entrepreneur believes they are complete.  We think the design, development and launch of any start-up’s products can be accelerated and find product/market fit sooner through partnerships.  The nature of creating physical products with their long lead times and commitment of resources to models and prototypes justifies the efforts required to collaborate with partners.  And we will explore the value of partnerships and the ways these companies have engaged with their partners for mutual benefit.

The companies:

GreenTech Motors is a breakthrough energy company converting aerospace innovation and engineering technology into super efficient AC/DC commercial, scalable electric motors and generator systems. After extensive vetting, proposals and negotiations, The Boeing Company licensed the LAGER (Large Air Gap Electric Ring) Intellectual Property (IP) to GreenTech Motors. The LAGER motor/generator technology has the capability to radically change the design, manufacturing, materials, and performance metrics providing GTM with considerable competitive advantage over present iron- cored motors available today.  Founder and CEO Ron Pretlac will provide his expertise and experience.

CEO Dan Singleton of Transient Plasma Systems will provide his observations and dealings with partnerships as he brings products to market based on technology developed as a PhD candidate at USC.  Among a variety of uses, transient plasma is attractive as a technology for the ignition in a variety of engines because when compared to traditional thermal ignition (spark ignition system) it results in reductions in ignition delay and has been shown to ignite leaner mixtures, which allows for lower specific fuel consumption, high-repetition rates, high-altitude operation, and reduced NOx emissions.

B. Scott Farrenkopf (EVB and Director) and Steve Herbruck (CEO and Chair) of GoTek Energy bring their lessons learned from the  development, manufacturing and licensing of a rotary (non-Wankel) internal combustion engine.  The fuel agnostic ICE has application in vehicles and vessels, pumps, compressors, heat exchange and power generation.  The primary benefits of DynaKinetic technology is the reduction in size, weight and emissions while increasing performance, reliability and serviceability.

What:  Green LAVA – Bringing Cleantech to Market

When:  May 20, 2014, 1:00 – 3:30 PM

Where:  Business Technology Center, Altadena, 91001

How:  Register here – LAVA SIG events are free to members.  All others pay $35.  Pre-registration is required.

Green LAVA is generously sponsored by Stradling, LLP and K&L Gates, LLP.