Los Angeles Cleantech Calendar 2015 – January – February

Green LAVAWelcome to the January-February 2015 Cleantech Calendar of events of interest to entrepreneurs, start-up executives, investors, service professionals and community leaders around Southern California.  These are the events, conferences and programs that focus on clean energy, sustainable development, reducing environmental impacts and highlighting progress.  Check back periodically for updates.  The conference season is still in its winter lull but there are some must attend events as we enter the new year – e.g. VerdeXchange 2015 Conference, Green LAVA and the Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Technology Symposium.  Check back as we add things to the calendar as we  become aware of them.

Jan 20 – 21 – Cleantech Group’s second annual Buildings Get a Brain Executive Summit will explore the continued rise of the intelligent buildings market as driven by big data analytics, low cost sensors, cloud computing, and other emerging technologies. The resulting innovations aim to improve the productivity and comfort of building occupants, while capturing the huge amounts of unrealized energy and cost savings in our existing building stock.  The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco

Jan 25 – 27 – For the past six years, the VerdeXchange has brought together “under one roof” the leading private and public marketmakers, thought leaders and business executives from all sectors of the economy – finance, energy, water, waste, transportation, consumer goods, mining, forestry, government, innovation centers, academia and more – to discuss the opportunities and challenges of creating sustainable economic growth and to meet the people that are leading this change.  The L.A. Hotel Downtown

Feb 3 – Green Biz eighth annual edition of State of Green Business report.  Each year, the report looks at 10 key trends and dozens of metrics assessing how, and how much, companies are moving the needle on the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.  Webcast, 10 AM.

Feb 3 – 5 – The 2nd Ballast Water Management Summit an examination of the US Coast Guard’s (USCG) Ballast Water Management (BWM) systems regulations that will be enforced in 2015.  And with the IMO BWM Treaty expected to be ratified early in 2015, environmental retrofits are now unavoidable. With both of these sets of parallel standards about to be imminently enforced — all existing ships will need to be retrofitted with a compliant certified BWM system within 5 years’ time of enforcement, while all new ship builds moving forward will need to have standards compliant BWM systems.  The Queen Mary, Long Beach

Feb 4 – 5 – Green Power Conference Solar Power Generation USA is the must-attend strategic meeting for developers in North America committed to driving new business opportunities in US solar. Attending Solar Power Generation USA Congress 2015 will give you a real perspective of how to capture the BIG money-making opportunities, taking a fresh look at the pressures on the US solar developers. San Diego Marriott Mission Valley

Feb 6 – Green LAVA, MWD and H2OConnect presents Sunken Treasure: Cleantech Funding & Sales Opportunities hidden in the Water Bond.  There is over $425 million dollars available for various projects and new technologies just in Southern California alone.  Do you know how to apply for it?  Don’t think your technology will qualify? Think again. You would be surprised how wide reaching the funding availability is for projects that indirectly conserve water or make the management of water more efficient. Come hear how your technology or business might qualify!  Come learn from the experts.  Metropolitan Water District Headquarters, 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

Feb 7 – 9 – The Alliance to Save Energy convenes the 2015 Energy Efficiency Summit , an ambitious event like no other. The agenda will include presentations of unique and innovative best practices in energy efficiency projects on college campuses, structured campus planning and networking sessions, a student poster exhibit, and more!  The PowerSave Campus Program builds effective partnerships among students, staff, administrators, and faculty from 16 California State and University of California campuses around the common goal of empowering students to be energy efficiency leaders.  CalPoly Pomona

Feb 10 – 12 – SAE 2015 Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium addresses critical information on both the technical developments in electronic vehicle technologies as well as the business decisions around technology development and implementation. Additionally, it allows for attendees to meet with those industry experts and technology specialists from the entire supply chain of EV, HEV and EREV to engage in dialogue about the topics of greatest interest. Millennium Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles

Feb 10 – 12 – The annual Wind Power Finance & Investment Summit continues to the best event for the wind power industry. Once again, the entire spectrum of the wind industry, at the highest levels — developers, tax equity investors, lenders, private equity funds and other investors, turbine suppliers, PPA offtakers, customer and more—will gather to network and exchange valuable insights on financing and business opportunities; an effort that would require months of flying around the country. Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego

Feb 11 – The Clean Technology Council hosts Dennis Washburn, President of the Santa Monica Mountains Fund to discuss Wildlife Conservation Technology. The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation is the world’s most successful. No other continent retains as close to a complete complement of native wildlife species. While other countries struggle to conserve the little they have left, we enjoy great abundance and diversity of native wildlife.  Total Wine Conference Center, Thousand Oaks, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

Feb 12 –  The Sustain Summit showcases corporate sustainable innovation strategies and best practices across multiple industries for peer-to-peer learning which reveals the massive opportunities offered by solving our collective global challenges. This event will bring together top innovators, corporations, government agencies, investors and thought leaders, in a program unlike any other – where sustainability strategies meet innovation opportunities. The Island Hotel, Newport Beach, 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Feb 16 – 18 – The 18th Annual Energy, Utility & Environmental Conference is the largest-running networking and professional event of its kind. The EUEC conference features a plenary program, followed by a technical program with concurrent tracks with 500 speakers, and EUEC exhibit companies provide the latest innovations and technologies that can benefit the energy and utility industry.  The inaugural Clean Car Expo will share the floor with the EUEC.  San Diego Convention Center

Feb 22 – 27 – Gordon Research presents Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technology. Developing sources of sustainable energy is a crucial challenge for the 21st century. Nanotechnology may contribute paradigm-changing approaches to energy technology, because many energy conversion and storage processes occur at interfaces and surfaces, which are abundant in nanomaterials. Ventura Beach Marriott


Green LAVA is the Strategic Interest Group of the Los Angeles Venture Association focused on opportunities and challenges coincident with the design, development and deployment of sustainable products, services and businesses.  Green LAVA is generously supported by Stradling, LLP and K&L Gates, LLP.